Frankfurt - San Francisco

Boeing 777-300ER

San Fran - the city of flowers - a city I've always wanted to visit and definitely I will do this but this first trip to SFO was just a layover on my way to Los Angeles.

I booked this flight because I wanted to fly the new Boeing 777-300ER of United Airlines. By the way: this flight has been one of the last United Boeing 747-400 routes...but now back to business. My journey started on december 27th 2018 at terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport. United Airlines currently operates eight flights to germans largest airport from five US-cities (Chicago, Houston, Newark, San Francisco & Washington) and as flight UA59 (my flight) departed in a total rush hour, the check in was packed full. Only three check-in desks for economy classes of at least four UA flights was...well let's call it complicated. 

I went through security wihout any problems and after that to my gate (Z25).