Frankfurt - San Francisco

Boeing 777-300ER

San Francisco - the city of flowers - a city I've always wanted to visit and definitely I will do this but this first trip to SFO was just a layover on my way to Los Angeles.

I booked this flight because I wanted to fly the new Boeing 777-300ER of United Airlines. By the way: this flight has been one of the last United Boeing 747-400 routes...but now back to business. My journey started on december 27th 2018 at terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport. United Airlines currently operates eight flights to germans largest airport from five US-cities (Chicago, Houston, Newark, San Francisco & Washington) and as flight UA59 (my flight) departed in a total rush hour, the check in was packed full. Only three check-in desks for economy classes of at least four UA flights was...well let's call it complicated. 

I went through security without any problems and after that to my gate (Z25) where I had to wait for about an hour to board my wonderful 77W.


Through the windows I had a first glimpse of N2846U. This Boeing 777-300ER is the third newest 777 in United's longhaul fleet and the 15th -300ER. She was delivered on march 28th 2018.

Without any major delays I boarded the aircraft and was welcomed warmly. After I found my seat (33A) I filmed a few bits for my flight review and shortly after boarding was finished, we started our journey to San Francisco.

With grey skies and winds coming from west, we took off smoothly on runway 25C and climed out to the north.


What I really missed in 2016 was the contineous beverage service which definitely changed. I never drank that much on a flight. For lunch, United served salad and chicken breast with risotto and vegetables, some bread and a pod of ice cream (strawberry & clotted cream). Somewhere behind greenland they went through the cabin and handed out some bags with sweets and potato chips. I really liked that !