Do you love flying, have you ever dreamt about it ? Do you love the smell of burned fuel, the flair inside a Terminal and the roaring sound of engines ?

Then this is your destination!


Welcome to the webpage of TheEDDF


I want to give you a quick introduction to this site.

So please fasten your seat belts, we're taking off soon!


Read article reviews form my flights around the world. Full stories with some behind the scenes knowledge, and a honest rating of service, cabin interieur, the aircraft itself as well as a price-performance rating.


Here you can watch all spotting and travel videos, vlogs as well as flight reviews and full flight videos of the youtube channel. The site is well structured, so you feel pleasant from the first look.


You want to know which airlines fly to Frankfurt and with which aircraft they land here? Then you have to take a look to the 'FRA operations' page. There you get the latest information about nearly every movement in Frankfurt and the changes in the near future.

That was the introduction and now enjoy discovering my webpage.

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- NEWS -

Finally! I returned from Bangkok last friday and finished my flight review for my American Airlines flight from july this evening. It will be released tomorrow at 17.00 UTC. I can't wait to read your opinion. I will read them from Hamburg because tomorrow I will catch a train to this amazing city (see my last flight review). After my return I will start working on my first flight review from my trip with SQ, all I will say at this time is: Singapore is probably my new favorite airline ;)


Take care!


12.10.2022 - 18.09 UTC

Hi guys,


I'm back from vacation since a few weeks and it's been hard to get a video concept for this upcoming flight report with American Airlines. I hope I'm getting there but there is still a lot of work to do.

But I have some exciting trips planned for the upcoming weeks:

Singapore Airlines A380 & A350 Business Class from Frankfurt to Bangkok

Lufthansa Boeing 787-9 Business Class from Munich to Frankfurt


Yes I still can't beleive it :) Finally I'll fly A380 and the A350.. I'm so looking forward to this ! After two weeks in Thailand an Cambodia, I'll fly back to Franfkurt for a short week of regeneration before leaving to Hamburg once again. A week later it will be a stunning short flight with Lufthansas brandnew 787-9 with their new business class product !


I hope I can finish the summer project before leaving to asia.. If not, I'll upload it in October/November after all those other trips are completed.


Take care


08.09.2022 - 06.05 UTC


Hi :)

I just want to inform you that the next episode of my flight report series is in progress and will presumably be released this or next week.

After a two stressful weeks I am finally again back editing this one.

Also than you for the great feedback on the first episode, I cannot wait for you to see this one (and the next).


Back to work ^-^


29.05.2022 - 20.18 UTC

Back from my trip to Hamburg with Luxair.

Let me give you a quick rundown: Luxembourg airport is a small but well organised airport, the lounge is pretty good for it's size. It reminded me a bit of Iberias Velazquez lounge in Madrid.

Luxair's Q400 is clean, the cabin crew was so gorgeous and I think it was the first time they had flight reviewers onboard. They did an outstanding job. My HIGHLIGHT: the catering on both flights !!

Guys, fly Luxair in business class. I always thought with LATAM withdrawing their FRA-MAD service the last decent business catering in europe left but holy ... this was on the same level ! They even got menus for this short flight.


You see I'm now officially a Luxair fanboy :)

If you're able to book a flight with them, do it !


And now back to work :)


02.05.2022 - 08.49 UTC

Getting some work done..

Today I started editing the second flight report of my Qatar series. It's always difficult to start; what story do I want to tell ? Which music do I need ?

I hope it will be as good as the first part (thanks for the responses).

Hopefully I will film a new trip report this week :) Something completely different.


Just a quick update, have a nice evening.


24.04.2022 - 19.52 UTC

Save the date: 09.04.2022 - 13.00 UTC


After a long weekend and many hours the new flight report is finally ready to upload (encountered a small audio issue which will be fixed), so release will be next saturday at 13.00 UTC.

I really hope you like it as much as I do :)


Have a great week.


05.04.2022 - 07.58 UTC

Short update:


Yes I know there wasn't any content in the last months, too much to do at work but with my flight report almost finished (and I hope it will be released in april) there soon again will be a new video.

With april coming up there will also be my first flights of the year: LUX-HAM and Michael and I booked some great flights for september.

July will be the return to the US after 3 years (unfortunately only in economy class) but at least with American Airlines.

So there will be enough to work on this year, spotting videos won't be coming in the near future because there isn't just enough going on in FRA and spotting positions are packed on weekends.


Thanks for your patience :)


30.03.2022 - 10.54 UTC


Yesterday I released the first video of my Phuket 2021 trip: the Full Flight video from Doha to Frankfurt unboard Qatars 777-300ER. I'm currently working on my flight report which will be uploaded hopefully in january 2022 (massive project). My written report is also WIP and will release probably together with the video.

I guess this is the most complex project I've worked on in nearly 11 years of making videos.


I hope you had a merry and peaceful christmas.


27.12.2021 - 08.03 UTC

Back at it !

As I had to cancel all of my summer vacation plans for 2021, I spontaneously booked some business class flights to Kos in Greece with Condor and their Boeing 757-300.

The flight report is out now so check it out by clicking on the photo.

And in just a few days time I will travel again, this time in a much larger and modern aircraft.

Buckle up an stay tuned.



28.10.2021 - 17.44 UTC