Do you love flying, have you ever dreamt about it ? Do you love the smell of burned fuel, the flair inside a Terminal and the roaring sound of engines ?

Then this is your destination!


Welcome to the website of TheEDDF


I want to give you a quick overview over this site and what you can discover here.

So please fasten your seat belts, we're taking off soon!


You can watch every single video of TheEDDF. The 'Videos' site is well structured, so you feel pleasant from the first look.

On this page you find all spotting videos, short scenes, ... in their own playlists.


Discover the huge database. There you can find lots of information about the current fleets of Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Icelandair and so on. Also you get tons of information about my homebase Frankfurt Airport.


You want to know which airlines fly to Frankfurt and with which aircraft they land here? Then you have to take a look to the 'FRA operations' page. There you get the latest information about nearly every movement in Frankfurt and the changes in the near future.

That was the overview and now I wish you a lot of fun discovering my website.

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We are now in late november and this year has been so exiting for me. We had so many planes here in Frankfurt and so much special stuff so for me it is time to get this year to an even better ending. As I mentioned earlier, Michael and I will fly to Berlin next saturday onboard a Lufthansa 747-400 and also back at the same day with this aircraft type. I've bought some equipment for these flights and I hope you will like the videos.

On tuesday next week I will drive to Hamburg with my father and after 6 years we will visit Miniatur Wunderland again. So you can expect at least one video from there.

Finally to the biggest anouncement:

It's time to say goodbye to my old camera ! This winter I will finally get a new camera with much better quality for my videos and pictures, so stay tuned for that.


Tomorrow, there will be new video. The final farewell to United's Boeing 747-400. I've cut some scenes from the past years together including the final landing in Frankfurt and the water cannon salute. The video will be online at about 2pm UTC.

I would like to say that this Royal Jordanian Dreamliner was a surprise for me today but I knew it since last week and I had enough time to prepair the cameras :)

A huge thanks to Fraport, we asked them today on which runway RJ would land and a few minutes later they told us 25L. Under normal circumstances, Fraport would never give such an info to spotters. 

Behind the saturdays Egyptair A330, "BAB" did such a beautiful landing. I hope, they will come more often with this bird from now on, because it is one of the best liveries for this airplane.


I finally released the American Airlines reviews page in english for you, so that all of you can understand how it was for me to fly with this airline :) So check this out and also my newest video from the last flight back to Frankfurt.

Getting ready for some releases:


This weekend I will finally release the Review page in english. I spent the last couple of days with finishing this page and now I've finished this project. For that I also will upload the final Full Flight video of this trip this weekend.

Also I did some updates to the galery which is back online from now - check also my instagram page for a ton of photos from Frankfurt.


Winter season has just started so there will be some new movement in Frankfurt to film, so stay tuned for some Etihad Airways 777 footage or hopefully a Royal Jordanian 787 which will fly to Frankfurt next saturday :)

Just a short update for you guys:

  • I'm almost finished with the english review page so it will be online this weekend I hope...
  • Also I will be releasing the new video by the end of the week
  • The FRA Ops page is back online and updated for the winter season 2017, so check it out !

Yesterday was the saddest day in this year. United retired their Boeing 747, an airplane that has been not only a yearlong part of the United fleet but also a daily visitor in Frankfurt. It was there when I went to the airport for the first times and also when I began spotting airplanes. The Boeing 747 was over years the backbone of United's San Francisco fleet. This farewell is far more sad than I ever thought. I knew that this day would come but to know that there will be no more 747 flights to Frankfurt by United is a bit heartbreaking.

So I went to the airport for the last flight of this beauty yesterday. It was extremely windy and cold but for the last landing and it almost felt like Frankfurt won't let the 747 go. The landing was one of the best 747 landings I have ever seen in my life especially in these conditions. 


Welcomed with a water cannon salute by the airport fire fighters she rolled into park for the last time in Frankfurt.

It felt like loosing a good friend...Rest in piece United 747, you and your marvelous sound will be in my heart forever.

Problems solved !

I did some work on the FRA Ops page and I hope that everything works properly now. Also it looks cleaner now without the surroundings.

So check it out !

As you know, I had some problems with my FRA operations page in the last few weeks. Yesterday I tested some stuff to fix these issues but unfortunately they've become even bigger. So I decided to block this page for the couple of days to fix it once and for all time.

I apologize for any inconvenience and I hope the FRA Ops page will be back soon for you guys.

If you didn't see my latest video, check it out and have a great weekend !

Due to the end of flight operations of AirBerlin and the lack of flights, Lufthansa will operate the route FRA-TXL with their older Boeing 747-400. Michael and I took the oportunity to book two of this flights in late November. So stay tuned, I will finally fly with a Jumbo !

Also we're planning a short weekend trip to Madrid for next spring or summer with LAN Chile and their Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


The last few days I worked on a new project for this website. I never captured everything on camera when I flew and I get a lot of questions about American Airlines in a facebook group about vacation in Florida so I decided to write texts about my flights. I'm pushing hard to release this Flight Review page in the next couple of days.

These AA flight reviews from summer will be available in german and english. I don't know if I should do this for every review in the future, so please let me know.


This weekend there will be a new Full Flight video (MIA-CLT), have a nice friday y'all :)