Do you love flying, have you ever dreamt about it ? Do you love the smell of burned fuel, the flair inside a Terminal and the roaring sound of engines ?

Then this is your destination!


Welcome to the webpage of TheEDDF


I want to give you a quick introduction to this site.

So please fasten your seat belts, we're taking off soon!


Here you can watch all videos of the youtube channel. The site is well structured, so you feel pleasant from the first look.

On this page you find all spotting videos, travel videos and vlogs, flight reviews and full flight videos


Discover the huge database. There you can find lots of information about planespotting in Frankfurt. You will also find a list of all airplanes I have ever taken a photo off.

If you are interested in the Boeing 787 or the A350, you will find the route network of both aircraft types.


You want to know which airlines fly to Frankfurt and with which aircraft they land here? Then you have to take a look to the 'FRA operations' page. There you get the latest information about nearly every movement in Frankfurt and the changes in the near future.

That was the introduction and now enjoy discovering my webpage.

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New video on friday at 15:00 UTC. Have a nice evening y'all :)


22.01.2020 - 19.34 UTC

Back again after two excellent flights with LATAM's CC-BGF Boeing 787-9. It was my third roundtrip with the chilean airline and the second time I flew with the exact same aircraft two flights in a row (Firstly in 2018 with CC-BGB).

Both crews were absolute amazing from the second I stepped inside the aircraft. Nice food and Michael's and mine obligatory visit of the cockpit topped this experience.

Unforunately we couldn't do a propper spotting day in spain but hey...this won't be the last time I visit Madrid this year so maybe next time :)

Btw: Thanks for this amazing support for the latest video :D


18.01.2020 - 19.41 UTC

Hi guys, happy new year !

I'm back from my vacation in croatia and used this weekend to chill.

We made a trip to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as a trip to Kotor and Budva in Montenegro. You should definitely visit all of those countries.

Tomorrow I will start working again and on January 15th I will fly again with LATAM to Madrid. So although my real vacation is over, I'm excited for the next weeks :)


05.01.2020 - 16.14 UTC

Merry Christmas to you !

In this post I want to recap this year because there will be no video about 2019. The last almost 365 days have been incredible and I really feel guilty that I haven't shared so much of it with you.

It started with an amzing trip to Hawaii and New Years Eve in Honolulu. A few days later I flew to Maui and back to Germany via L.A. This still feels incredible surreal. In april I had the opportunity to visit FedEx Hub in Cologne and even visit the cockpits of a B757F and B777F. In may I flew to London via Madrid with Michael to visit a friend of mine in Britain. In july I once again had amazing 14 days in Florida. November meant another dream came true: Again back at a Hans Zimmer concert (I bought the tickets in november 2018) and it was one of the best nights in my life. Three days later I once again got into the cockpit of one of our (FedEx) aircrafts (photo is from that evening). I did a whole walk around with a technician and asked many questions.

During this year I played a lot of music, I helped a friend with his bachelor movie, I wrote a book and did so much other stuff.

One thing I didn't do that much was just going to the airport to record clips or..edit in general. I still have videos from last year waiting to be edited....

In 2020 I'll try to focus again to produce more videos for you!


I wish you again merry christmas, a lot of time with your family and the ones you love.


24.12.2019 - 12.55 UTC

After yesterday's failure I'm now editing the new video..and this time hopefully everything will go as planned. After rendering it will go online this evening.

22.12.2019 - 10.43 UTC

Facepalm saturday..

I sat down today to cut a new video (fullflight) and when I wanted to insert the landing clip I realized it wasn't there. I searched for it in all folders I could imagine. Then I was so upset I just closed Magix and didn't saved it. A few minutes ago I found the clip on my desktop.

Well done Domi :)


21.12.2019 - 20.40 UTC

Yesterday I finished cutting my vacation travel video. This evening (or tomorrow) I will continue with color grading, before it will be uploaded. My plan is to post it tomorrow evening. As long as there is no major problem it will be online by 17:00 UTC on Saturday. After that there will be more aviation videos because I still have non-cutted footage from Hawaii in last December.

In 10 days I will do another apron visit with my trainer and my fellow trainees to visit both FedEx flights. My first question to my trainer was if I can take my camera with me and fortunately I can. So probably there will be a apron video soon.

Enjoy your weekend .)


01.11.2019 - 14.29 UTC