Do you love flying, have you ever dreamt about it ? Do you love the smell of burned fuel, the flair inside a Terminal and the roaring sound of engines ?

Then this is your destination!


Welcome to the webpage of TheEDDF


I want to give you a quick introduction to this site.

So please fasten your seat belts, we're taking off soon!


Read article reviews form my flights around the world. Full stories with some behind the scenes knowledge, and a honest rating of service, cabin interieur, the aircraft itself as well as a price-performance rating.


Here you can watch all spotting and travel videos, vlogs as well as flight reviews and full flight videos of the youtube channel. The site is well structured, so you feel pleasant from the first look.


You want to know which airlines fly to Frankfurt and with which aircraft they land here? Then you have to take a look to the 'FRA operations' page. There you get the latest information about nearly every movement in Frankfurt and the changes in the near future.

That was the introduction and now enjoy discovering my webpage.

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- NEWS -

Back at it !

As I had to cancel all of my summer vacation plans for 2021, I spontaneously booked some business class flights to Kos in Greece with Condor and their Boeing 757-300.

The flight report is out now so check it out by clicking on the photo.

And in just a few days time I will travel again, this time in a much larger and modern aircraft.

Buckle up an stay tuned.



28.10.2021 - 17.44 UTC

New video heading your way with a special guest ;)

You don't even have to search for it, just take a look at 16.00 UTC on easter sunday.


Enjoy your weekend !


03.04.2021 - 21.47 UTC

Quick Update:

I just updated the Spotting archive in my videos section and put together 2019 and 2020 bescause of the lack of videos in these two years (I'm sorry).

Then I created a 2021 section with the first spotting video of the year with more to come :)


Have a great sunday folks.


21.03.2021 - 17.40 UTC

Getting ready for the 10th anniversary  of TheEDDF.

On March 6th the channel will be 10 years old. I'm finishing some changes around here to make sure everything is clean for this big day :)

I also recorded some footage this week for a spotting video..this will go online as soon as I have filmed enough.


Cheers and stay healthy :)


25.02.2021 - 20.52 UTC

New video coming up on October 1st at 14.00UTC


29.09.2020 - 11.02 UTC

New video coming this week !

Not sure now if it will be friday or saturday but definitely this week.


06.07.2020 - 04.16 UTC

Another day, another video :)

1.5 years after the flight, I finally will release this flight review !

Release is at 14.00 UTC today.


Enjoy this one and your weekend :)


19.06.2020 - 05.59 UTC