Do you love flying, have you ever dreamt about it ? Do you love the smell of burned fuel, the flair inside a Terminal and the roaring sound of engines ?

Then this is your destination!


Welcome to the webpage of TheEDDF


I want to give you a quick introduction to this site.

So please fasten your seat belts, we're taking off soon!


Read article reviews form my flights around the world. Full stories with some behind the scenes knowledge, and a honest rating of service, cabin interieur, the aircraft itself as well as a price-performance rating.


Here you can watch all spotting and travel videos, vlogs as well as flight reviews and full flight videos of the youtube channel. The site is well structured, so you feel pleasant from the first look.


You want to know which airlines fly to Frankfurt and with which aircraft they land here? Then you have to take a look to the 'FRA operations' page. There you get the latest information about nearly every movement in Frankfurt and the changes in the near future.

That was the introduction and now enjoy discovering my webpage.

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- NEWS -

New video coming up on October 1st at 14.00UTC


29.09.2020 - 11.02 UTC

New video coming this week !

Not sure now if it will be friday or saturday but definitely this week.


06.07.2020 - 04.16 UTC

Another day, another video :)

1.5 years after the flight, I finally will release this flight review !

Release is at 14.00 UTC today.


Enjoy this one and your weekend :)


19.06.2020 - 05.59 UTC

A new page is online:


When releasing WINGS, I recognized I need a new page for this video because it didn't fit into any other playlist. So now there is a new page in the video section called MOVIES & MONTAGES just for these short films. I also put any Best Of in there as well as the short film I did in 2016 for the 5th anniversary of TheEDDF (That's over 4 years old now..holy crap).

So check the page out :)


11.06.2020 - 11.24 UTC

New outro incoming :)


After 2 years with my GE90 outro it's time for a new one. You could say back to the roots, because the new one is another inflight scene :)

I'm currently sitting on a new video, a trip report after -again- 2 years. I hope you'll like it.


Stay healthy !


09.06.2020 - 17.00 UTC

Time to shine :D

New video coming out tomorrow (June 7th) at 09.00 UTC.


06.06.2020 - 21.55 UTC

Cancelled at T-00:16:53 on wednesday, we will hopefully witness America's return to space tomorrow on saturday may 30th. I've read so much bullshit from our german reporters, saying that they scrubbed the launch because of tropical thunderstorms or they cancelled the launch entirely...That's why I always say you always should listen to people who understand what they do and not people who want to create stories for clickbait...

Jim Bridenstine (CEO NASA) said after they scrubbed the launch that the air around the launchpad was just to electrified what could produce lightning when sending a rocket through those clouds. Range was good and every other system as well which makes me extremely happy. It was a good "wet test".

Let's get this baby up on saturday with better weather. Enjoy your weekend and the launch :)


29.05.2020 - 06.23 UTC

So it's May 26th and it's been a long time without any updates or videos. There is not much going on in this time but I'm looking forward to the day I finally can upload new spotting videos.

I'm also looking foward to tomorrow. At 20.33 UTC the first american astronauts since the Shuttle era will launch from american soil at KSC in Florida ending a dry spell of 9 years for the americans.

Check out the live streams on YouTube or TV, it will be a great event.


26.05.2020 - 14.41 UTC