AA751 Frankfurt - Philadelphia

My journey to America started with a warm welcome in Frankfurt at the Check-In by a friendly lady. In contrast to the last two years, I've been asked some questions already in Frankfurt before the flight. When I asked the check-in agent why she does that, she replied: "That's now mandatory." 

At the gate I met her again and we talked a bit before piloted me into the waiting area at Gate D4.

With the start of our boarding, I saw the pushback maneuver of American's flight to Charlotte from it's gate next to ours.

The airplane which should take me to Philadelphia was N291AY an three and a half years old Airbus A330-200. She once was delivered to US-Airways before they merged with American. I boarded the plane with my obligatory tap onto the skin of the aircraft and was welcomed half in english and half in german by the cabin crew. Then my seat was shown to me (16A).

After all passengers boarded the plane, we were pushed back, the pilot started the engines and the safety video of the A330 was shown to us. First in english, afterwards in german. We took off on runway 25C in Frankfurt and turned to the northwest.


Shortly after takeoff the first beverages were served and about 90 minutes after the beginning of our journey we received our warm meal. As on almost every flight, you could choose between Chicken and Pasta. LSG catered all meals and beverages. The meal tasted good, not only me but all of my fellow passengers.

After eating, I checked out the Inflight Entertainment (IFE). Here you can choose between a wide range of movies, TV series, music, games like Sudoku or battleship plus live TV.

Due to the fact that I could not decide which movie I should watch, I played a few rounds of battleship against my friend sitting next to me. While playing I listened to some music. With this huge variety of music, everybody will find some music he likes. Even I found some film music from "The Lion King".

After we crossed the westcoast of Ireland, the purser made an announcement, that there was an issue with the IFE and they had to reset the system. This system reset took about 30 minutes. Meanwhile I did some Sudokus in my Sudoku book. Short information for you: American's IFE system software is Linux.

I liked the display of the IFE but the touchscreen is a bit older and does not react to every stubby finger.

If you want to know which movies you can watch on board, you can visit American's entertainment website and find it out. Just click here.


The cabin crew was friendly the whole time. One stewardess talked to us the entire flight about her job, where she lives, our plans in the US and much more.

Over the atlantic we got chocolate ice cream from Buckleberry's and before descent the cabin crew handed out snacks from Monty's Bakehouse, which contained a lemon sponge cake and a slice of pizza.


We landed in Philadelphia relatively soft on runway 27R and after a taxitime of about 5 minutes we arrived at our gate.


This Airbus A330-200 brought me safely to Philadelphia
This Airbus A330-200 brought me safely to Philadelphia
Lunch - Barbecue chicken with salad and apple pie
Lunch - Barbecue chicken with salad and apple pie