Frankfurt - Kos - Frankfurt

Boeing 757-300

DE1590 Frankfurt - Kos

My friend Michael and I booked flights with Condor in June 2021 for this trip in late August and we found out that business class tickets cost only 50 EUR more than economy class least on one leg. So we decided to pay that extra money to have a relaxed flight to Greece.

As Condor offers a so-called "evening-before check in" and as our flight was set to depart at 05.10 am on August 29th we decided to test this free service for all business class passengers (and 5 EUR per person on economy) whose flights are leaving until 2.30 pm the next day.

One check in desk was opened for at least 50 people so we had to wait for about an hour before we could hand our luggage in. In my opinion this service is great especially when you have an early flight to catch and you want to sleep at least a little bit longer but they should open a separate desk just for business class passengers.


So next morning we arrived at Frankfurt Airport and headed straight to security checks and after that to our gate. We had nowhere to go as all duty-free shops were still closed at this time (which is an absolute shame for an international airport). We also learned that there was no lounge access for our flight as Lufthansas Business Class Lounge is closed as well during night time. Before boarding the gate agent made several calls to encourage economy class passengers to upgrade to business class as it was nearly empty until that point. After those calls and to my regret many passengers upgraded and business class was packed full for this flight.


Boarding went fine and I sat down at 5F onboard D-ABOE, a Boeing 757-300 aircraft which is nearly 23 years old and still has the orange/blue Thomas Cook scheme on it's skin. For your information Condors business class on their Boeing 757-300 is the standard economy class slim seat but you get a free middle seat and with a bit of luck (which I had) even an entire row for yourself.

The crewmembers were friendly and in a good mood this early on.

We pushed back 10 minutes past our scheduled departure time and took off into the pitch black sky via runway 18. It is still a strange feeling on a plane after over a year in which we couldn't travel.


When the captain turned off the seat belt signs we were served with some sparkling wine and a few minutes later as the sun rose over the horizon a flight attendent brought my pre-selected Wiener Schnitzel.

When you prebook a business class flight you get to choose a free meal on those short-/medium-haul flights. It was the first "in-air" Schnitzel for me. Of course it wasn't the best Schnitzel I ever eaten but it was solid and the fried potatos were a good side dish. For dessert we had some italian macarons. They as well were absolutely delicious.


After that it was just me, my music and my can of Warsteiner beer as well as some coke. There wasn't much to watch outside the window for the first hour or so as central europe was covered by thick layers of clouds. Only when we passed over the dinaric alps the clouds cleared. I searched my handed out amenity kit which included the usual stuff (socks, eyemask, a toothbrush with toothpaste as well as a pair of earplugs. I value that this amenity kit was not just another "one-use" pouch but a bag which I used on vacation a lot.

Before landing the flight attendents handed out some tasteful chocolates.


Landing was soft and on time. We were brought to the terminal by bus and picked up our luggage just a few minutes later.

DE1591 Kos - Frankfurt

As this flight was also a business class flight onboard Condors Boeing 757-300 I will only cover the main differences for this leg back to Germany a week later:


First of all we arrived at the airport fairly early as we wanted to upgrade this flight to business class at check in. We were sent off to pay the upgrade fare at a separate desk and after that back to Condor and their check in. Upgrading at the airport costs only 89,99 EUR for those flights to greece (and I believe spain as well). I recommend doing it at check rather than at the gate because you can use a fast lane at security at certain airports as well as check another bag in.

Boarding via bus is nonsense in my opinion in times like this as they sqeeze too many people in the buses...but okay.


As one of the first guests onboard D-ABOK (which has the regular grey/white/orange livery) I sat down at 1A where I found my ammenity kit. It was a coffee-to-go cup with the same ammenities inside as on my flight to greece.

I really like how Condor always surprises their business class passengers this way.


We landed on runway 07L and taxied to our apron position where we debarked the Boeing.


Midair breakfast
Midair breakfast
D-ABOE and it's Rolls Royce RB211
D-ABOE and it's Rolls Royce RB211