San Francisco - Frankfurt

Boeing 787-9

When I book flights and somebody tells me that the layover time is too short I usually say: If you can book it like that you can make it !

It just get's a little bit chaotic when you have to get your flight to Frankfurt and you're stuck in LAX because the aircraft that get's you to San Francisco is stuck there because of heavy fog...That's the story of this flight.


I like it to hang out at the airport but this was just a crazy day. My friends left at 6am to catch their flight to DFW (they flew LAX-DFW-FRA) and I had another 9 hours to kill in Los Angeles. So I drove to the airport and checked in to settle down at a wonderful freshly restored terminal 7 of LAX and finally had some time to listen to some music and read a book after an exciting vacation to L.A., O'Ahu and Maui. I saw planes coming and leaving and 10 minutes before my boarding time I went to my gate only to see that my flight was delayed because of heavy fog in SFO (the airport was closed at that time). I started to get nervous as I only had one hour of layover in San Francisco and the fact that my aircraft hadn't even departed yet was worse than worse. 

Finally after nearly an hour of waiting, my A320 arrived. I've seen cleaning an aircraft as quick like that before in Barcelona but I'm always impressed how quick they can do it. So with almost 30 minutes of delay we departed LAX and went up north.

With 10 minutes til boarding for my main flight we landed and taxied to the nearest free gate. 

I had to run...and I made it :)

I sat down at my comfortable seat 29A to look around and see that every seat was full...except the one next to me. So again a very lucky Domi in the end who had very much room for his legs :D


But let's look at the aircraft:

It was a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for this 11 hour flight to Germany - Registration N19951 and it was delivered on November 1st 2014 to United Airlines.

Equipped with United's new Economy class plus the beautiful Dreamliner mood lighting makes a very pleasant cabin environment especially in the dark. As it was january and our departure time was 18:50 local, 70% of the flight were in complete darkness but I didn't mind because I woke up so early that day.

We made our way to Runway 28R and took of into the night. Shortly after takeoff, dinner service began.

For dinner I chose chicken with vegetables, rice and a sweet-sour'ish styled sauce, served with salad, a bun and some lemon ice cream which all tasted pretty good.

After dinner I was too tired to do anything so I tried to sleep for a bit...and I woke up behind Iceland. Personally I can't sleep in airplanes that well but the seat was so comfortable that I had no problem.


I then decided to drink something so I went to the Aft-Galley for some water where I met some stewards and stewardesses and we talked for at least 15 minutes. The one thing you can always talk about with american people is germany and so a stewardess told me that she was born in Kassel (northern Hesse).

When returning to my seat I enjoyed a movie from United's gorgeous IFE system and by the time my movie ended, breakfast was served.

I personally like don't like warm breakfast on long haul flights but like Qatar in July, United served some pancakes with apricot and cherry sauce. Additional to that they gave us passengers a blueberry muffin, some yoghurt and really fresh tasting pineapple. I enjoyed this meal a lot !

When I took a look out of the window I saw that we already hit european airspace (over UK) and about 70 minutes later we started our descent into Frankfurt.

Although it was very turbulent approach thanks to Boeing's advanced technology there were nearly no bumps til our final approach to runway 07L. The landing itself wasn't that smooth but hey...when you barely can see out of your window it is okay.


All in all it was a nearly perfect flight onboard this Dreamliner. So if you want to check out United's Dreamliners (they have all three versions in their current fleet) I can ensure you it will be a pleasure !


Touchdown for a United Dreamliner at FRA
Touchdown for a United Dreamliner at FRA
Breakfast at United's
Breakfast at United's